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a girl cartoonist i like ascii art, scary video games, comix, ghouls, cyber terror, floaty black stuff and seeing boys cry 

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these are my 6 personal favourites obviously not my hottest selfies because those arent important

1. expensive pen exploded in my mouth and i have a big plaster on my head 2. my exhibition and a ring my friend at school gave me that looks like a knife is going through your finger it’s nice to know people think about you sometimes 3. i like how i look a bit ugly and weird in this photo and my hair looks great 4. i would probably look cute if i had some make up on but im just proud of this plait i did 5. look cool 6. looked great (this was a snapchat i dont want to make out with all of you no offence)

i tag lauren and ella and booger brie because i cnt get enough from them also bumpkin agency but it’s ok i understand ur blog isnt a personal one its a shame cos you have a great face

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i’m my best friends iPad background

i’m my best friends iPad background

yo and he really wanted some of those toe trainers … like yeah obviously i want the margiela tabi boots  / normal tabi boots because they’re great but i’m talking nike velcro strap white toe trainers i could not imagine anything less sexy then a boy taking off his toe trainers that he cant wear with any socks and trying to make out with me

AND he spent £20 on a bucket hat i found that out in the beginning and never got over it it was white and orange …. .. …… …….

this is very therapeutic for me if you think i’m being unnecessarily mean by throwing shade in public then trust me i am not he broke up with me for the cruelest reasons and is a bad sociopathic egg


Anonymous said: I know how you feel right now. I hope he trips over and messes up his knee really bad and cries.

i hope everyone laughs at him forever

if we lived not across an ocean i’d break into his house and pee in his bed i’ve done it before i’ll do it again

we would make the best team

i would add an applause gif if i could find one good enough

he invited a girl to stay at his house with his family for a week and broke up with her on the second day and she just had to hang around and wait to leave

and he wore beige crocs what a sociopath 

my ex broke up with a girl straight after having sex with her because he wanted to ‘make sure’ im currently thinking about how much i hate him not because he has damaged my self esteem or has broken my heart but i am offended that someone could treat me with such little respect if anything i am just shocked i quite often fantasise about different ways to hurt him like throwing a huge rock at his head or walking past him and knocking his drink over him or laughing at him because he is a massive fucking joke

you know how there’s that joke text post going around saying reblog if your life is a subversive net art statement or whatever that is literally him and it’s embarrassing

he still follows this blog for some reason ???

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alien business woman give me the files by Monday

an important reminder


alien business woman give me the files by Monday

an important reminder

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Anonymous said: Oh my god!! You are so great and great and great and I have a huge crush on you!!!

late night edition of the essential items in my desk drawer (where is the glue stick) hot scoop you need that hot scoop ? ?????

Anonymous said: You should listen to some Kate Ferencz or her band Evil Sword.

i love it !!! what a great recommendation ! 

Anonymous said: Please don't colour with Photoshop. You're much better than that. Have a go with cloudpaint!

there are lots of great artists who colour on photoshop so i don’t really get that, maybe you think my work doesn’t suit photoshop? granted im not good at it but i’m pretty lazy and get worried about ruining the lines. i usually throw away everything i paint and colour in. i have had a go with cloudpaint but it’s difficult to use, and you can’t import images and work on top of them, which is what i do on photoshop. criticism is important though thank you for your feedback i wish i got more of it.

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Trashgasm #2 is out! Presenting a zine of trans ero-scifemme short stories by Porpentine and Brenda Neotenomie!

-Non-normative intimacy
-Femme on femme relationships
-HTML accessibility version for easy reading
-A track by Brenda with vocals by me
-Important subjects like 3D printed shareware genitals, torture mall arcologies, vending machine women, and lots of piss ^____________^

Making our own erotica is important to us because normally it gets made about us, packaging trans fems as objects of fetish to be consumed. It’s also about our sexuality in a dystopian capitalist society where our desires intersect with soul-destroying nightmare forces and oppressiveness and crying during sex and what even is sex?

If you know anyone who might be interested in this disgusting filth, please share the link with them, and if you have a copy, feel free to share with anyone who can’t afford it!

i just read this at it was brilliant

please buy !! it’s worth it ! such amazing writing and minds

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Anonymous said: would u be my ghoulfriend